7. T(8, 15) is the midpoint of CD. The coordinates of D are (8, 20). What are the coordinates of C? 8. The two smaller angles (LMO and NMO) add up to the lager angle (LMN) because line MO bisects it. LMO + NMO = LMN x + 32 + NMO = 5x - 23 subtract x from both sides then subtract32 from both sides Algebra -> Angles-> SOLUTION: MO bisects

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Find NMO. >>I got the answer 45.75 but I got it wrong. I do not know how to solve this question and I have tried all that I know. MO bisects m

Free Plagiarism Checker. Recent Questions in Math In the figure (not drawn to scale), ray MO bisects ∠LMN, m∠LMO = (15x - 21)° and m∠NMO = (x + 63)°. Solve for x and find m∠LMN.

Question options: m∠LMN = 64 m∠LMN = 58 m∠LMN = 116 m∠LMN = 128 Question 15 5/5 Points How are the two angles related?

Mo bisects lmn 5x-23

MIMO = 7x – 24, and MZUVIN. 7x-24=2x+31.
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5. = y 23. Classify ∆ABC by its angles, when m∠A = 38, m∠B = 87, and m∠C = 55. a.

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Mo bisects lmn 5x-23

In the diagram of AABC, BED, AB = CB, and D is the midpoint of AC. 70 = 5x. 14- X. DX. X420. 25. The ratio of the measures of the angles of a triangle is 2: 6:10. If triangle LMN were drawn, which side would be the longest, whe 18 Jul 2012 Given: \begin{align*}\overrightarrow{BD} \end{align*} bisects \begin{align*} x+7 &=2(3x-4)\\ x+7 &=6x-8\\ 15 &=5x\\ x &=3 \end{align*} \begin{align*}\ overrightarrow{MO}\end{align*} is the angle bise MO bisects LMN, LMN = 5x-23, LMO = x+32.

The diagram is not to scale. A. x=9, m∠LMN=98 B. x=9, m∠LMN=49 *C.
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